Daktar Point Hospital Ltd. is a modern hospital with all latest medical technology. Our well experienced doctors are dedicated to attend patients.

Apart from nursing staff, our general staffs are also committed to serve the patients. Overall hospital facilities including administration, finance and logistic shall amaze you and it will be worthy enough to be associated with Daktar Point Hospital Ltd.. We are present at a very convenient place to communicate. Wonderful road communication available from all the surrounding communities.

We have introduced latest accounting system to generate invoices/bill for the transparences and shall maintain the inventory for future references. So that there will be no gap between reality and assumptions to manage the Hospital perfectly. We shall maintain a database for the future case study and as a basic input for any future necessity.

Your suggestions will be our further motivation to move forward.


Bring modern health service to your doorsteps. Seamless access to the hospital to anyone at any time. Bridging between health ecosystem and other stakeholders.


We shall be guaranteeing one stop health services at your locality. It would be affordable to local people and shall be providing all sorts of health related support services. We will have wide range associates to ensure End to End cooperation for diagnosis and treatment. We shall ensure top talents to serve patients. Daktar Point Hospital Ltd. shall be a point of confidence and comfort.